Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rolling Out

Something to take the bad taste out of our mouths.

Untitled from Chris Skogen on Vimeo.


peter said...

Chris, incredible race! Thank YOU for your hard work in putting this on and making the 2011 "Hellmanzo 100" awesome. Thanks also to the volunteers, sponsors, city of Spring Valley and Fillmore County folks for everything!

Ross said...

I agree with Peter. This was an incredible event. I was blown away by the organization, the volunteers, and the elegance of detailed design. This event is a true work of art. Chris is a virtuoso race designer.

andrew thieman said...

All through chemo, I thought to myself, "When Almanzo is here, all of this cancer BS will be over." It's what kept me going when I wanted to quit.

Chris — thank you so much for putting it together and making it such a great event. But next year, if possible, please keep it from raining. Thanks.