Monday, May 2, 2011

Information Update.

May 14th is fast approaching and we hope that you’ve been able to get out on the bike and put down some miles. For our part, there are a few things we’d like to mention to help you with your race-day/weekend planning.

On the spirit of being self-supported:

First and foremost, we’d like to remind you that this event is entirely self-supported. We will provide no aid stations and no sag for this event. You are very much on your own. Allowing friends, family, coaches, etc to follow you along the course provides an unfair advantage and will not be permitted.

That said, you can meet friends, family, coaches, sponsors or whomever inside the city of Preston (approx. mile 40). Any other non-racer assistance beyond this is outside of the rules and will result in disqualification.


a.) If you are inside the city of Preston and your non-racing friend hands you a water bottle full of whiskey, it is okay to take it.

b.) If you are on the course outside of the city of Preston and your non-racing friend hands you a water bottle full of whiskey, it is not okay to take it.

c.) If you are on the course and you are dying of thirst and make your way to a farmhouse or local tavern and ask for a whiskey, it is okay to take it as long as you re-enter the course at the point from which you left.

On navigation:

The courses for the Almanzo 100 and Royal 162 will not be marked and will take place on open rural roads. We will provide each rider with one full set of cue sheets (4.25” x 5.5”). These cue sheets will contain all of the directions needed to get you from start to finish. For those not familiar, there is an excellent article regarding reading cues and tulip notes on the Ragnarök blog.

There will be one checkpoint located in Forestville State Park where each rider will be responsible for having their bib number recorded by our generous volunteers. This is to ensure that no rider has cut the course and that all participants are honest in their efforts. If you should fail to have your number recorded we can only assume that you have skipped the checkpoint and, as such, you will not be recorded as a finisher for your event.

On registration & traveling to the race:

We will be having a pre-race sign-in at Glynner’s Pub (marked on Google map) in Rochester from 3:00pm to 9:00pm Friday evening, May 13th. This is a great place to pick up your packet, sign your mandatory release form (if you haven’t downloaded it here and signed it in advance) get something to eat/drink and meet your competition. Preregistering Friday evening will relieve you from the stress of signing in and racing to get ready for the start on Saturday morning. If you can arrive Friday evening things should go very smoothly for all of us on Saturday.

The map to Glynner’s also marks a couple other points of interest including a bike shop in Rochester where you can pick up any last minute supplies (tubes, levers, nutrition, etc.) and the location of my house for those that are camping in the yard.

On race day parking is going to be an issue. Parking is going to be an issue. Parking is going to be an issue. If and where possible, please carpool, as parking is going to be an issue. We will have volunteers ready to direct you to the correct space; just look for their red shirts. We will be parking cars from the back to the front according to their arrival. Please work with us on this one. I have included a Google map that will mark the space for overflow parking. It will be a short ride from the start if we need to use it, but your legs could use the short spin anyway. Long story short, arrive early so that you have plenty of time to get signed in and make the start line for the 8:45am pre-race remarks.

At the risk of being redundant, you will be traveling on open rural roads. While it should be minimal, there will be traffic on the course. Please ride within your limits, be aware of paved and blind intersections and ride with respect to those around you, racers or otherwise.

We are guests in Fillmore County, and the cities of Spring Valley, Harmony and Preston; we should behave as such to ensure that gravel racing continues. This includes leaving no trace. Please help us keep our home beautiful by not littering. Simply stated; pack it in, pack it out.

Also, there may/will be more specific information as we get closer and as it becomes available. Please check the blog frequently as that will be the forum for updates, course conditions and important notes from here forward. There will also be an announcement regarding the pre-sale of a second round of jersey, bibs and wind jackets.

Thank you very much for your interest and your continued support; this event is nothing without you. See you soon!


Chris Skogen


Anonymous said...

Chris, Do you have a map of the spot/roads where we will be rolling through Preston? I would like to take my Whiskey from friends inside the town and not take my chances with the farm houses... they usually have dogs that chase me!!!

Chris Skogen said...

See the map in the post directly above.

jwefam said...

My fellow riders and me plan to drop supplies in Forestville prior to the race and then pick them up as we ride through. Unless I am mistaken, this is well within the rules, correct?

We will not be leaving anything there, of course. I only plan to have food supplies for my back-pack.