Thursday, May 12, 2011

Course Conditions (as of 5/11/11)

Royal 162:

There is a portion of the Royal 162 that will be an out & back. This section (can be viewed here) will include close to two miles of off-road riding with dismounts. The off-road portion is on private property that is being loaned to us for the day. Please treat it with respect or I will personally kick your ass (the landowner has been very generous in allowing us to use their land and this is a relationship I will not disrupt).

Both Events:

I was out on parts of the course yesterday and the roads look pretty good. There are some soft spots and some portions of new rock, but it still looked like there were pretty good lines throughout. Please be careful on some of the bigger descents, as they do have some new rock on them which can make them a bit sketchy.

The course will be marked in places the I think could use a little help. I will be placing a small cedar plank with the Almanzo "A" burned into it and an arrow pointing in the direction of travel. These planks will also be marked with little flags (think utility marking flags). Please note that these markers will not however substitute your cue sheets and that you must follow the cues exactly to navigate the course.

On the water crossing:

You'll be crossing it in both events. This is what it looks like as of May 11th.

2011 Water Crossing from Chris Skogen on Vimeo.


Andy Tetmeyer said...

the water is warm, right?

Magnetic said...

Dang! Wish I was there.

Darryl Shoemaker said...

Chris thanks forth Jersey and personal note. Hip is healing and my next targeted ride is Almanzo 2012. Even though the weather looked rough it still looked like my fun than sitting on a couch a waiting for the three new screws in my hip to settle in. That said hanging out makes you realize how blessed we are and thankful for all I have. Thanks for putting on a great event.