Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Re: The Roster

If you have received an email confirmation from me and are still not on the blog roster, fear not, you are on the master roster and will have a spot on the 14th of May.


Tim said...

What are the dimensions of the cue cards? Making my own card holder and don't want anything too large. Being new to gravel grinding, are all cue cards the same size at the various events?

Chris Skogen said...

Tim, the cues for this event are 4.25 by 5.5 (a quarter sheet of 8.5x11 paper). Typically the cues used for most of these events are the same format. We'll cover this and some other info in an email coming out in the next few days.

Greg Borchert said...

Don't know if you can answer this one as it may boil down to personal preference, but I'm curious to know what style of bike most people find works best on gravel. I have different road style bikes, and also a cyclocross bike and a 29er mtb. I ride 150 miles a week on average but can't say I have a great deal of experience on gravel. My plan is to haul both my cyclocross bike and 29er all the way from Texas and try to figure out which is best when I get there. Any suggestions? Should I leave the 29er at home?

Anonymous said...

I've used my cyclocross with 32-35 slightly knobby tires for five of the AGRS races in the past year. I have had no problems where the bike let me down, only situations where I personally could not get through something no matter what bicycle I was on.
I wouldn't tell you to leave your 29er at home. There are lots of 29ers at these races, and they seem like an awesome choice as well. You should ride what you feel most comfortable on for 101 miles. The 29er would probably be more comfy, but you can do fine on 32 or 35 mm tires as well.

doug said...

Chris can I still join the festivities for the Almonzo?

Doug Krone