Thursday, March 31, 2011

Roster Update - 03/31/11

I updated the roster today and would like to know if I've missed anything. If you could take a look (only comment if you're name is wrong or not there at all) and then pass this message around to others you know that might be riding I'd certainly appreciate it.


Christopher Warren said...

I'm not seeing my name on there - I got a confirmation email from you that I was in.

Chris Skogen said...

Mr. Warren, 100 or 162?

Chris Skogen said...

Answered it myself, you're on there now.

Christopher Warren said...

Thanks much!

C. P. said...

Ylvisaker Maly, Peter

should read

Ylvisaker, Peter

Thanks, Chris!

kitcischke said...

Unfortunately, I am going to have to withdraw from the race this year. I had a schedule change that's going to make it impossible. Sadly, strike Kit Cischke from the roster.

Spoke9 said...


Question - a friend of mine is signed up for the race but cannot attend - can we transfer his registration to me?



tbratulich said...

Hi Chris,

I received confirmation via email that you got my card and that I was okay to ride, but do not see my name on the updated roster. Could you add me to this list for the gentleman's 100?

Todd Bratulich