Monday, March 28, 2011

Not riding in the Ragnarok?

Do you have the weekend of the Ragnarok 111 free? Do you still want to get in some miles? Let me know if you're interested and I'll gladly fill you in on all the details.


Erik Carlson said...

I'm doing TransIowa. I need miles baby. Preferably on roads where the county has scattered a bunch of small stones.

Anonymous said...

I would to hear the details!!!

Keys Soze said...

The weekend is free so far.

Anonymous said...

Al Stauffer sez: Im not rideing ROC105 & would like to do some riding that weekend??? Talk to me

Chris Skogen said...

Here's the deal so far:

There is a small group of us riding up to Red Wing from Rochester on Friday afternoon, the 8th of April. Once we arrive, we will sleep indoors at an already secured location.

Saturday morning, we will ride approximately 40 miles of gravel and eventually return to Red Wing where we will be swept back to Rochester by a broom wagon.

Here are your choices:

a.) Ride up with us on Friday and enjoy the entire journey.

b.) Ride up with us on Friday and ride back solo on Saturday

c.) Join us early Saturday morning at a location yet to be determined and come along for the Saturday gravel ride.

d.) Stay home and do whatever you were going to do.

Chris Skogen said...

The whole journey will be gravel.