Friday, February 4, 2011

Registration is done...welcome aboard!

Welcome to the largest Almanzo event ever. From the 13 pioneers, to the 59ers, those who rode “The Hurricane” and the 300 who took the line in Spring Valley just last year, the Almanzo 100 has grown like a thundercloud.

On May 14th, you’ll line up with either 100 or 600 other brave souls to take part in something that we believe has grown to symbolize the current state of free bicycle racing. We didn’t give birth to the idea of racing a bicycle for free, but we have taken the last five years to make the Almanzo project one of the best experiences available.

This year you’ll find yourself on 100 or 162 miles of rolling gravel roads starting and ending in Spring Valley, Minnesota. You’ll ride the entire Almanzo 100 course with an extra, 62 mile loop off the middle if you’re signed up for the Royal. These roads “should” be hard packed and easy to ride, but it will be spring so please keep that in mind.

This year we’ve made a change and abandoned the drop bag system because of some of logistical reasons and a want to return to the pure, simple nature of these incredible self-supported events. The short story is, you are, as always, responsible for you. This means that you’ll need to be responsible for packing enough food and water to travel the entire 100 or 162 mile route and while there is a possibility that some greater good will come along and provide some trail magic, we don’t suggest you plan on it. We will however give you more information about the course so that you can accurately make decisions on what to pack and how to prepare.

On a side note, we’re all really excited for the gravel road racing season this year and we hope you are too. With seven events in the AGRS:Race for the Cup things are looking up for free bicycle racing here in the state of Minnesota. We hope that with your help that we can continue to build on an amazing community of similarly minded individuals. Riding bikes is great, racing them for free is unbelievable!

Best always,
Chris Skogen


Anonymous said...

700 - wow. Chris you'll have your hands full.

No drop bag huh, how about meeting up with a support person for some fresh aqua?

Greg Borchert said...

When will final roster be posted? I mailed my card on the 29th.

Anonymous said...

any places to refill bottles along the routes?