Thursday, January 13, 2011

Still counting...

We're still entering data from postcards, but we promise will have a roster update pretty soon. As of right now the total card count is getting real close to 300. Keep 'em coming!

On another note, we're also in the serious planning stages for the first ever Almanzo Market which is going to take place whilst everyone is out riding their bikes. It's something we figured we'd put together for all the folks that don't ride and still devote their entire day to waiting around for you. So...if you know anyone who would like to be a vendor at said market, show them this WEBSITE. We have reserved some space for industry types should you be one and would like to have a space for your bikes/accessories/etc.

Either way, that's it for now. Pass it on.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

yo chris, i did send a postcard this past week and would like to rock the 100, please. probably failed to put that on the card b/c i am a complete gnar!!! thx, man! looking forward to it.
- jason strong