Monday, January 3, 2011

Staying in Spring Valley?

If you are going to be staying in Spring Valley and the Inn & Suites there, we blocked off some rooms for you. You can call 888-254-6835 to book over the phone or visit their website here. Just let them know when you are booking that you are part of the Almanzo 100 and that Chris sent you.

Single room:
$76.50/double occupancy
Hot tub room:
$110+tax/double occupancy


Jesse Rients said...

Is the hottub heart shaped?

Chris Skogen said...

The world could only be so fortunate.

Emily Spende said...

If you'd like, please add Eagle Cliff Campground & Lodging in Lanesboro to your lodging options. We can allocate an area for Almanzo riders and cost is $11/person.
Motel rooms are $69/79.
Phone number is 507.467.2598
Mike from Eagle Cliff will be participating in the ride. Postcard is in the mail today!