Monday, April 25, 2011

Second round pre-sale of jerseys and bibs.

Due to a fair amount of requests we will be offering a second round on the jerseys and bibs. We'll also be offering a wind jacket as we found out they are pretty nice looking. Here are the specifics (original jersey post with sizing information after the break):

Single Items
Jersey (race or club cut)/$75 + $5/S&H
Bibs Shorts/$95 + $5/S&H
Wind Jacket (fit similar to club cut jersey)$85 = $5/S&H

Combo Packages
Jersey/Jacket is $152 + $8/S&H
Jersey/Bibs is $162 + $8/S&H
Jersey/Bibs/Jacket is $243 + $8/S&H

Orders can be placed through the DONATE button on the blog now through the 22nd of May. On Monday, the 23rd of May, we will place the final order for these jerseys, jackets and bibs with an expected arrival date of mid-July.

Click the DONATE button on the upper right hand side of this blog and follow the directions to Paypal. Be sure to include your size AND shipping info.

Thank you for your consideration,

Here's the skinny for 2011. Pre-sale begins now. We will be placing the final order on Monday, the 23rd of May with delivery coming between 6 & 8 weeks later. The final cost for the full zipper, club or race cut, three pocket jersey is going to be $75. We're sorry it's up from last year, but Champion Systems raised their prices. If you could please make your payment via the "Donate" button on the right side of this blog with a note attached marking the size you need (see below) we would greatly appreciate it.

If you are interested in purchasing the bibs in addition to a jersey (must purchase jersey to purchase bibs) to complete the 2011 "kit", the price for the package (one jersey, one bib short) will be a Royal $162. The bib shorts do have a chamois that has been designed with longer endurance events in mind (think just a tiny bit thicker than your typical summer bib). When making your payment, please make a note about bib short size. If you have any questions, please post them here in the comments section so that we can have a public Q&A (so as to answer for multiples at once).

Thanks to everyone who has shown interest. We truly appreciate your support.

Sizing info:

Mens Chest Size - 36(XS), 38(S), 40(M), 42(L), 44(XL), 46(XXL), 48(XXXL)
Womens Chest (inches) - 30(XS), 32(S), 34(M), 36-38(L), 40(XL), 42(XXL)

Mens Waist (inches) - 28(XS), 30(S), 32(M), 34(L) ,36(XL), 38(XXL), 40(XXXL)
Womens Waist (inches) - 25(XS), 26(S), 27-28(M), 29-30(L), 33(XL), 35(XXL)

Not enough sizing info for you here? Try here.

p.s. If this goes well, we hope to have socks coming in time for the race. Here's to hoping.


jnorton said...

Chris, should we do the math (subtraction) if we can only purchase the bibs? Or are the bibs restricted to a full-kit purchase?

Regardless, they both look great. Nice work, as always.

Chris Skogen said...

The bibs (for now) are restricted to a full-kit purchase.

Seth said...

Skinsuits? Please?

C.J. Ong, Jr. said...

Will there be a race Speedo?

Dave Bucklin said...

Can I order a race cut jersey, or is this club cut only?

peello said...

Will you be selling them at the race?

Chris Skogen said...

Seth, skinsuits are unlikely at this time, but depending on how things go for the pre-sale we may be able to discuss some sort of "team" affair.

C.J., yes, but what constitutes enough fabric coverage for a speedo? We may be entering a whole new world of bathing suit here.

Dave, right now it's gotta be club cut.

Peello, unless we come into a lot of money somewhere, these are only available for pre-sale.

J.S. said...

one more vote for race

Chris Skogen said...

Let's do race and club then. Just make sure you make it clear in the notes when you make your payment which it is that you desire.

Anonymous said...

Newbie question. First-time racer. I placed my order a few days ago, what happens next?
Phil Dech

Chris Skogen said...

Phil, we'll be placing the jersey order on Monday, I'll email everyone to let them know.

GretchenP said...

hey chris~ any chance of doing t-shirts for sale??? did matt let you know i want to volunteer this year.. i'll do anything and everything! i'm so excited to see it!! :)

--Nick said...

Hey Chris - Any option to still get in on a kit?

Thanks -ng

Sue said...

Are the jackets a soft shell type of water-resistant material or the hard shell type water-proof type of material? Baggy or form fitting? Trying to make a decision between jacket or jersey before the final order deadline. Thanks!