Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just to Clarify

The Almanzo 100 is a completely unsupported, unsanctioned event and the results of its finishers count for nothing beyond personal achievment. It is man against himself and the environment he happens to find himself in. The Almanzo 100 occurs on open, public access roads within the state of Minnesota and it's participants are ABSOLUTELY required to follow the rules as they apply to cyclists (read:vehicles according to MN State Statute 169.01) under the guidance of Minnesota State Statutes 169.222 & 169.18.

By taking the start at this event you are a rider and participant and in being such you accept full responsibility for your actions on the Almanzo 100 course (i.e. If you run a stop sign or a stop light or break any of the other laws that rule the Minnesota roadways, you are breaking the law as well as the cardinal rule in self-supported cycling and you will be held completely responsible for your actions. You will get the ticket and you will be held responsible for paying any citations or penalty fees.). If you cannot accept full responsibility for your actions on race day, please do not come. If you are not willing to follow the laws that govern the Minnesota roads, please do not come.

This May, as well as every other time we ride out of our driveways, we have an excellent opportunity to expand the cycling community to a large population of folks that might otherwise not know that it exists. It will be a huge disappointment for the entire Almanzo effort, as well as for cycling itself, if you come to this event and break the rules, both as they apply to the event itself as well as to the roads upon which we will be traveling. DO NOT BREAK THE LAW AND FREE CYCLING LIVES...FOREVER!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Wondering where to stay? Let me help since there are a couple of options.

First, for the campers:

My yard is open. These will go fast and I'll keep you updated as to whether there are any left right here >>> (12 left)

There may be a couple of other yards being offered in the area (easy walking distance from my house). These spots will be in the yards of my friends. If you find yourself in one of these spots, please be respectful...they're giving you a free place to lay your head. If you're interested in these spots, let me know (via email). I will keep the tally for these spots right here.

Spot #1 >>> ()
Spot #2 >>> ()

For the hotelers:

The start/finish is at the high school in Spring Valley. There is a hotel there and they may still have rooms available.

Otherwise there are still rooms available in Rochester. Here are a few places that I might suggest.

Guesthouse International - (call for rate) - 507-288-9090 - LINK.

Up the street a bit (5 blocks) are two other larger properties.

Courtyard - (call for rate) - 507-536-0040 - LINK
SpringHill - (call for rate) - 507-281-5455 - LINK

Both of these are relatively new hotels and are very nice. The benefit to these two is their proximity to a Caribou Coffee shop and a breakfast place called the Canadian Honker.

Questions? Let me have 'em.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Rough Schedule

Planning your approach? I am. Here is what I have so far (and some of this could change):

Friday the 14th (Not Race Day).

2-4pm: Pre-registration and sign-in at Bicycle Sports
5-9pm: Pre-registration and sign-in at Kathy's Pub

Saturday the 15th (Race Day).

5:30-7:30am: Remaining pre-reg and sign-in at Bicycle Sports
7:30-7:45am: Pre-race announcements
7:45-7:59am: Line up
7:59-8:00am: Start

8:00-????pm: Close up the whole deal. Have a beer/ice water. Pass out.

I'm working on getting some room deals at a couple of hotels near by and I'll have info about camping in the next couple of days.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Here's the deal for 2010. In order to get in on a round of jerseys, I am going to have to have commitment money from anybody who is interested. I will place the next order on the 1st of June with delivery coming a few weeks later (so I will need your money before then). The final cost for the full zipper, club cut, three pocket jersey is going to be $70. If you could please make your payment via the "Donate" button on the right side of this blog with a note attached marking the size you need (see below) I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks to everyone who has shown interest. I truly appreciate your support.

Sizing info:
Mens Chest Size - 36(XS), 38(S), 40(M), 42(L), 44(XL), 46(XXL), 48(XXXL)
Womens Chest (inches) - 30(XS), 32(S), 34(M), 36-38(L), 40(XL), 42(XXL)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


A person on a bike is a person on bike. All cycling is good, no matter the time, place or group. Proost!