Thursday, September 23, 2010

Weather reports.

It's raining...a lot. In fact, its flooding...a lot. I have spoken with some folks from Spring Valley and they said it wasn't bad enough to call in the back-ups so we should be good for Saturday. Truth be told, the worst of the flooding is in a town called Pine Island which is 15 miles northwest of Rochester. Where we're headed is south and east.

That said, I am planning to drive out to the lowest parts of the course tomorrow sometime to take a look at things. I expect to find peanut buttery roads with plenty of squish. My hope is that the water hasn't worn away any of the actual road, but I won't know until I see it tomorrow.

As of right now the ride is still on and will not be canceled. The only way I would consider a cancellation would be the introduction of some irreversible act of nature that makes the roads completely unrideable and I don't see that happening.

With high winds and no rain expected for late tonite and all day tomorrow I think we'll be in the clear. However, plan for water in the creek. I'm sure that'll be unavoidable at this point.

If anything changes, I'll put it up here.


Crunchy Potatoes said...

Is there a ride around option for the water crossing?

Grrrk said...

There wasn't this spring, but you'll make it through fine. I ended up taking my shoes and socks off an wading across. The water was less than knee deep. I think that some of the more aggressive riders were able to ride across.

Fonk said...

I was able to ride through it during the Almanzo. It sounds like there's probably a lot more rain to fill it this time around, though, so the water could be deeper/faster this time.

Chris Skogen said...

I'm heading down now to take a look at the low parts (including the water crossing). I'll post more when I get back, as well as update the Twitter feed.

Death Rider said...

Whatif we did a shorter version if the route does not work?