Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mail bag.

I found this in my inbox this afternoon.

Conversation with my 8 year old this morning:

Him: Dad, when can I get a cyclocross bike?
Me: Maybe when you are 10.
Him: Once I get one, do you think I could do Almanzo?
Me: Sure. That would be fun to do it together.
Him: Should I go geared or single speed?

I hope life is finding you well.



Jeremy Kershaw said...

J-No...still way better than 4am hockey practice. You done good, old man!

J-No said...


He wants to know why none of the kids at school have heard of the Arrowhead, and why they don't make Pugsley's for kids.

jwe said...

Awesome. A future champion. Still have to get my kids riding on gravel. Can't wait.

Crunchy Potatoes said...

Good point about hockey....

don't wait till 10. get the bike now!