Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Gentlemen's Ride results

Alowishous Rhino Horn & the Dreamers - 6hrs 46min
Me, My Mama & My T.V. - 6hrs 51min
The Ingalls Family - 7hrs 4min
Team Carbo Load #1 - 7hrs 38min
Steampunks - 8hrs 13min
Fo Shizzle - 8hrs 28min (no time bonus for goods returned from mile 47)
The Fucking God Damns - 8hrs 55min
Idiotic Metamorphic - 9hrs 2min
Double X - 9hrs 2min
Team Carbo Load #2 - 9hrs 6min
Team Sinkhole - 9hrs 20min
Team NIBU - 9hrs 31min (entire team did not finish)
Redjacket ADV - 9hrs 31min
Gravelocipede - 10hrs 9min (entire team did not finish)
Four Foot Meat Rope - 10hrs 51min
Team Sag Wagon - 11hrs 30min
Meat Mane - Abandoned course somewhere near 183rd after cooking themselves dinner and then shearing off a seat bolt.

Here are some photos from my wifes point of view at the center point. http://www.flickr.com/photos/53282206@N06/

And a few from Mister Kruck. http://www.flickr.com/photos/smartsareforlosers/sets/72157624916461749/


Justin Schuetz said...

Chris, thanks again for the great race. Huge thanks for the loaner wheel as well! One correction, one person on Gravelocipede had to drop out, so we were an incomplete team finish as well.

Andrew Karre said...

Fantastic event. Can't wait for May.

Joshua said...

Had a great time. Pictures of the four foot meat rope adventure can be found here: