Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gentle men...

I have received a few cards already and things are falling into place nicely for the Gentlemen's Ride. I know there are a few people looking to ride, but haven't been able to form a team. They've posted comments on here and I am not certain as to their success. If you're in need, please get together and figure this out.

As it stands here are the teams:

Team Sinkhole
Four Foot Meat Rope
Double X
The Ingalls Family
The Four Moustacheskateers
Red Jacket - ADV Cycling
Idiotic Metamorphic
Team Sag Wagon
Me, My Mama and My TV
Team Carboload
The Fucking God Damns
11th Hour
Meat Mane
Search 4 Surreal
Velo Syndikat
The Whirling Dirvishes
Fo Shizzle
Alowishous Rhino Horn and the Dreamers
Ross' Reluctant Riders

There is still an open acre (minus 3 spots) in the yard if anyone is interested in camping the night before/of. Let me know.


OCary said...

Chris: Registration card is in the mail for Team "Idiotic Metamorphic" Joshua, Ross, and I (and Ty) will be there with bells on on the 25th!

Anonymous said...

Also sent in a card earlier in the week. Sorry, no team name on it (yet). I realized that I forgot that part, but we're excited for the event (Tyler, Shawn, Jay, Ethan)

pedalgrl said...

BGritty - you still interested? Holla back.

Anonymous said...

I also sent a card in yesterday - should be on the way for the "Whirling Dirvishes" (Mark, Sean, Ron, and Steve). Looking forward to Sept. 25th.

Anonymous said...

Can you please change the "Un-Named" to "The Four Moustacheskateers" please. (Tyler, Jay, Shawn, Ethan)