Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2010 Gentlemen's Ride **Date Change**

The Gentlemen's Ride is a team event scheduled for Saturday, the 25th of September, 2010. Teams must contain four(4) riders and at least one(1) of them must have competed in the May 15th , 2010 running of the Almanzo 100. Each team must be registered by Saturday, August 7th, 2010* (see below).

Here is how this whole thing is going to play out:

1. Each team will receive one set of cue sheets. Each set of cue sheets will contain directions to the entire course.

2. There will be a clipboard (with an attached clock) at the start in Spring Valley (TBA) where each team will be required to sign in and out.

3. There will be a manned midway point where each team must check in. At this midway point, each team must have all of its riders together before it can leave to ride the second half. (i.e. each team is only as fast as it's slowest rider)

4. The finish time for each team will be that of the last team member to complete the course. (read: it pays to work together)

5. There will absolutely be no outside support at all. There will be no drop bags. Each team, and each team member is responsible for themselves.

6. The course is identical to that of the May 15th, 2010 Almanzo 100.

7. There are currenty no prizes and no awards beyond bragging rights and points towards the AGRS Cup.

8. There is to be a gathering afterward that will be announced sometime between now and then.

9. Yes, you're welcome to sleep in my yard. And my friends yard. Just email me about it before you make definite plans.

That's it for now. Questions? Let me have 'em.

*To Register:

Include the following on a postcard and send it to the address below.

Name of Team
Names of all four riders
Email contact for the team

Almanzo 100
c/o Chris Skogen
1217 7th Ave NW
Rochester, MN 55901


Chris Skogen said...

Yes, moustaches are strongly encouraged!!!

Justin Schuetz said...

oh boy, my mustache is tingling with excitement!! A team event sounds amazing...

Garrick said...

Any wiggle room on the date? Babes in Bikeland 4 has been announced for Sept 18th. I imagine most of the serious female riders from the Minneapolis area will be participating in that.

Chris Skogen said...

Garrick, hold please.

Andrew Karre said...

Anybody need a 4th rider? I did the Almanzo in around 7 (including a couple off course detours). Contact andrew.karre at gmail


Jon said...

I am a first-timer looking for a team to join. Anyone?

Contact me at jdicus@blakeschool.org



Anonymous said...

I have no team to ride with & have rode the last 3 Almanzo's time is around 7hr mark give or take.Rode last yrs Gentlemens ride thats me hiding behind the other riders in th picture. Al Stauffer at ronnffer@aol.com

cmikk said...

I have one teammate, and need two more. I made it 70 miles through the last Almanzo 100 and finished WDB in a little over 10 hours, so we're anticipating taking it slow and enjoying the scenery.

Contact me at chris@mikk.net

Anonymous said...

I have no team -- my doods bailed out.

Road Gentlemans' 2009 (in the picture) and finished Almanzo 2010 in 8 hrs and could probably shave some time off with the right motivation. :)

Would love to ride with any team that will have me.

Contact me ks__AT__kurtstephens.com.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for another great event. I hope those cramps didn't get too bad.