Sunday, May 9, 2010

Last minute race details.

I sent this out in an email and had the subject line all screwed up, my apologies. At any rate, here is the message in it's entirety:

Less than a week remains! I hope you’ve been getting the miles in. I drove the course today and it looks pretty tough. The rain will help speed the gravel up, but too much and it’ll be peanut buttery. There seemed to be at least one clean line for the entire 100 miles (that’s a good thing) despite a fair amount of fresh rock having been put down.

I just want to go over a couple of last minute details before everybody loads up the car and heads for the village of Spring Valley.


Second: Have a plan B. If you breakdown and/or get stranded, NO ONE IS COMING TO GET YOU unless you’ve already arranged it with them.

Third: If you don’t think you can make it back to the finish inside of 10 hours, bring some lights as you’ll be finishing in the dark.

Fourth: If you can, swing by the bakery in downtown Spring Valley the morning before the race and get a pastry…they’re amazing!!

Fifth: Johnny Ringo’s (the bar across the street from the bakery in Spring Valley) will be the place to be after the race. Drop in and have a beverage, share your stories from the road with other riders. Kick back and rest a bit before heading on down the road.

Sixth: The lady who owns the A&W Drive-in has been a huge help for this year’s Almanzo, if you can, stop by on the way out and return the favor.

Seventh: Here is a link to download a copy of the 2010 release form. You’ll need a completed copy of this to get your race packet. If you download, print, fill out and bring it with you, your trip through the check-in line/packet pick-up area will be quick and smooth.

Eighth: There IS going to be another jersey order. If you care to get in on this order, please follow this link and the directions you’ll find there.

I think that covers the bulk of it. The packets are stuffed, the specials awards are collected and counted. The packing lists are being assembled and the scooter is being prepped. Everything is looking great, including the weather. There will be an announcement later in the week to reveal the grand prize for whomever comes across the line first, but you'll have to wait for that one...


teh grease monkey said...

i can't get to the release form by clicking on the picture on the linked page.

bobbydale said...

Me neither.


Chris Skogen said...

The link should be working now. Sorry for the trouble. Something is weird on this end and requires the use of www dot.

Anonymous said...

Saw mention of an additional jersey order. Still planning on doing anything with the T-shirt as well?

Chris Skogen said...

The t-shirts are coming. There will be a small amount of them available on race day and possibly a few more down the road if they go pretty well.

space2burn said...

Hiya - the link to the release form isn't working for me either with or w/o the www.