Tuesday, May 4, 2010


First off, let me apologize for the discrepancy where start lines and start times have been concerned. I have received a few emails asking for clarification on where and when this whole party is going to happen. Here it is:

Friday, May 14th: You may sign in and pick up your packet at one of two places (to relieve congestion on Saturday morning).

1. Bicycle Sports (1:00pm to 4:00pm)
2. Kathy's Pub (5:00pm to 9:00pm)

Saturday, May 15th (Race Day): You may sign in and pick up your packet at the High School in Spring Valley. The following is a break down of the whole day in the order in which things will occur.

1. Sign in & Packet pick up (7:00am - 8:30am)
2. Pre-race announcements (8:45am - 8:59am)
3. Starting Bell (9:00am)
4. 62 mile Checkpoint will close (4:00pm)
5. Finish Line will close (9:00pm)
---you cannot race without picking up your packet---

*A couple notes about the start line - We have been given full use of the grounds at the high school in Spring Valley and there will be volunteers there assisting the parking situation. Also, we have not been given any access to the school buildings and therefore do not have access to the restrooms (I have been told there may be an outhouse, but I wouldn't plan for it). Please make alternate arrangements to take care of that business prior to your arrival at the school.

**Spring Valley has been gracious is allowing us to come and use there community for this event. Please show some love and return the favor by eating in their restaurants, drinking in their bars or simply by refueling your tank on the way out of town.

***Please remember that this event is to be held on OPEN ROADS. YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN and will be held accountable as such. If you find yourself in danger it is your responsibility to get out of it (just as though you were out for a ride by yourself on any other day). If you cannot finish, you must make arrangements to be extracted (NO ONE IS GOING TO COME GET YOU UNLESS YOU'VE PREVIOUSLY ARRANGED IT WITH THEM).


jp said...

Get to Spring Valley early enough to get to the Bakery. It is about 1 mile south, in the "downtown area". It is easily one of the best in Southern Minnesota!! On any given saturday with a south wind, we'll be found on CR 1 heading south for the bakery.

JayPee said...

So I missed the stuff about the start moving to Spring Valley, is the finish there as well?

Chris Skogen said...

JayPee, after failing to meet some unattainable demands from Olmsted County, the start and the finish have been moved to the High School in Spring Valley.

Anonymous said...

Chris, Put the Bakery on HIGH alert! I will be stopping at Flat Earth brewery to bring you & your lovely wife a Growler of beer. Do you have a favorite or do you want me to choose? I also will pick up 1 of pop for your childern. What flavors do they like?? I will also be putting Bacon in my PB&j rollups! AL (no longer the downhill killer)

JayPee said...

Awesome, thanks for the clarification Chris. See you Friday night!

jwefam said...

Early forecast for next Saturday: mostly cloudy, high of 68 ...

This could be good.

Anonymous said...

LCR folks kinda wish the Zo was tomorrow (Saturday the 8th)..........EPIC