Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Rough Schedule

Planning your approach? I am. Here is what I have so far (and some of this could change):

Friday the 14th (Not Race Day).

2-4pm: Pre-registration and sign-in at Bicycle Sports
5-9pm: Pre-registration and sign-in at Kathy's Pub

Saturday the 15th (Race Day).

5:30-7:30am: Remaining pre-reg and sign-in at Bicycle Sports
7:30-7:45am: Pre-race announcements
7:45-7:59am: Line up
7:59-8:00am: Start

8:00-????pm: Close up the whole deal. Have a beer/ice water. Pass out.

I'm working on getting some room deals at a couple of hotels near by and I'll have info about camping in the next couple of days.


Squirrel said...

wait a minute....I didn't see anything about pancakes at your place:)

Squirrel said...
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Chris Skogen said...

With nearly 450 people, I still trying to sort out the specifics on that one Squirrel.

jp said...

Well, there is the friendly Perkins right next to the start line. I think they serve 24 hours:) JP

Anonymous said...

Hayzus did just have to skip the carb-loading and go with fish-n-wine. : )

Anonymous said...

I would advise to cut yourself out of the pancakes and whatever else you can. 450+ people is going to be crazy for this event. 300-400 cars to park. Gonna need porta-potties. How to get 450+ cyclists through town. How to keep the city and other government entities happy. yikes. Don't hesitate to ask for volunteers to help you.

bloodline said...

i'm thinking about renting an rv and driving it down from mpls any joiners