Friday, February 12, 2010


Wondering where to stay? Let me help since there are a couple of options.

First, for the campers:

My yard is open. These will go fast and I'll keep you updated as to whether there are any left right here >>> (12 left)

There may be a couple of other yards being offered in the area (easy walking distance from my house). These spots will be in the yards of my friends. If you find yourself in one of these spots, please be respectful...they're giving you a free place to lay your head. If you're interested in these spots, let me know (via email). I will keep the tally for these spots right here.

Spot #1 >>> ()
Spot #2 >>> ()

For the hotelers:

The start/finish is at the high school in Spring Valley. There is a hotel there and they may still have rooms available.

Otherwise there are still rooms available in Rochester. Here are a few places that I might suggest.

Guesthouse International - (call for rate) - 507-288-9090 - LINK.

Up the street a bit (5 blocks) are two other larger properties.

Courtyard - (call for rate) - 507-536-0040 - LINK
SpringHill - (call for rate) - 507-281-5455 - LINK

Both of these are relatively new hotels and are very nice. The benefit to these two is their proximity to a Caribou Coffee shop and a breakfast place called the Canadian Honker.

Questions? Let me have 'em.


kc said...

i'll take you up on the yard space offer...thanks

Anonymous said...

May be a little...or way behind here but, is it still possible to sign up for the ride?

Anonymous said...

May be a little...or way behind here but, is it still possible to sign up for the ride?

jwefam said...


Just called Spring Hill. They have the Almanzo block of rooms scheduled for Tuesday - Thursday, May 11-13. You may want to call them and clear up the confusion.

Chris Skogen said...

I just spoke with people at both hotels and the dates have been corrected.

teh grease monkey said...

I would love to reserve a tent spot, but don't know that I know your email. Does a blog comment count for holding a spot?!

Patrick Tsai said...

My name is Patrick Tsai. I'd like to grab one of those spots in your yard. is this enough or should I email you?

Chris Skogen said...

Good enough for me.

Gregorio said...

My Name is Gregorio Ramirez and i would like to use on of the remaining spots on your yard. I also emailed, thank you.

Chris Skogen said...

Patrick, you're in for a spot.
Gregorio, you're in for a spot.
Grease Monkey, email me, I'm holding a spot for you.

teh grease monkey said...

Chris, Grease Monkey = Jonah Nielsen. Thanks for reserving some turf for me!

The Eyebright Bugler said...

Just emailed about some yard space...


Michael Holloway

Andy said...

1 kid from duluth could use a small yard space.

Chris Skogen said...

Andy, you're in.

Justin said...

I'm looking for a spot for a two tents for the race. I can't find your email anywhere. Can you contact me at justin1982z28(at)hotmail(dot)com? Thanks!

bobbydale said...

You should probably update this link or this post - since all the data has updated... and you link to this as the lodging information from the side bar.

Chris Skogen said...

Updated. Thanks for the heads up.

Jana V said...

Was the $89 rate for SpringHill Marriott a set price? I'm seeing $109 online, and the woman at the reception said she didn't see $89, or see any info about a group under Almanzo or your name for 5/13-15...

Anonymous said...

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