Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Here's the deal for 2010. In order to get in on a round of jerseys, I am going to have to have commitment money from anybody who is interested. I will place the next order on the 1st of June with delivery coming a few weeks later (so I will need your money before then). The final cost for the full zipper, club cut, three pocket jersey is going to be $70. If you could please make your payment via the "Donate" button on the right side of this blog with a note attached marking the size you need (see below) I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks to everyone who has shown interest. I truly appreciate your support.

Sizing info:
Mens Chest Size - 36(XS), 38(S), 40(M), 42(L), 44(XL), 46(XXL), 48(XXXL)
Womens Chest (inches) - 30(XS), 32(S), 34(M), 36-38(L), 40(XL), 42(XXL)


Anonymous said...

Chris, who makes/supplies your jersey? I might help folks decide on fit. Thanks in advance.

Chris Skogen said...

The jerseys will come from Champion Systems again this year. Those that purchased last year can expect the same fit.

Gunner said...

Do you pick up the jerseys on race day?

Anonymous said...

Champion Systems lists Men’s Club Cut Jerseys as follows:

Chest (Inches) XS (38) S(40) L(44) XL (46) XXL (48) XXXL (51)

These are different than what is listed on the blog.

Is the blog correct?

Chris Skogen said...

The sizes listed here on the blog are the same as what I went off of last year. The Hundo jersey I have hanging in my closet from last year is a Large (Club Cut) and my chest measures at 41.5 inches. If you need to see how the jersey fits on me, check it out here.

Chris Skogen said...

I will have the jerseys before race day and can either mail them to you or have them for you to pick up the weekend of the race.

Andy said...

Chris - have you looked into getting these done in merino wool? Or, asking Surly if they would offer up some of their wool jerseys for a collaborative jersey?

I can't do lycra or synthetics on a ride like this - the moisture gets to me - nothing beats merino wool.

kurt said...

Chris, are there any medium jerseys available? Somehow I forgot to order one. :(

Chris Skogen said...

Kurt, it seems as though I actually ordered an extra Medium. Not sure how that all worked out, but I guess it was in the cards for everybody.

Just send $70 via the donate button.


Thomas said...

Hey chris,

Tom Puzak here,

Thanks for offering a bottle during the Rok, I'll have a better cage for your race I promise. Can I have that sweet jersey I ordered mailed to me? I did order one, right? When are you expecting them?

Thanks my good man,


Chris Skogen said...

This is the list of names and sizes that I have for the June 1st order. If your name is here and the size is wrong, let me know ASAP.

kurt stephens-medium
ed prosser - xl
paul chenoweth-l
tim lupfer - l
mark kowaliw - m
jeremiah thell - m
don mac naughton - poster
sfa digital media - m
bob buehler - m
todd borstad - l
molly hanson - wms m
peter koski - l
james o'connor - l
jeff hagen - xxl
ian easton - xl
james jorgenson - xl
paul mccormick
jeremiah jazdzewski - xxl
kurtis wilson - xl
paul lovell - m
jeremy williams - l
Jeff rockne - l
alan schmidt - xxl
greg bond - l
veronica bond - wms m
*brian feltovich - has large, needs medium
*sean virnig - needs medium
*asa jacobs - has xs, needs small

Pete said...

June 1st jersey status?