Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Here is a list of required items as well as a list of suggested items. Figure out what works for you and let me know if you have questions.

*Remember, you are on your own for this. This means, beyond the one and only checkpoint, that there will be no outside help (fellow riders excluded) allowed. If you get lost or stranded or cannot continue for whatever reason, your race is over. At that point, use your backup resources for help (i.e. wife, husband, girlfriend, son, etc.) and if they are unavailable, go to the nearest farmhouse and try to figure it out on your own.

First and foremost, your bike should be in excellent running condition. There is no better time for a full tune up than a week or so before the event.

• Approved Helmet
• Red rear flasher
• A minimum of two liters of water/sports drink
• 2 spare inner tubes and pump/inflation system.

• A cell phone to contact the “outside world” should you need help.
• Waterproof / windproof jacket
• Cycling computer
• Tire levers
• Puncture repair kit
• Chain tool
• Allen wrench set
• Spoke wrench
• First aid kit
• Money for pay phone
• Butt butter
• Food
• Chain lube
• Cash, debit card or credit card. (To purchase food/water/supplies.)
• Handlebar map case
• Zip-ties

• Pace...if you get tired, take a rest. Don’t start too hard.
• Try not to crash.
• Sometimes walking is a good break, you've got all day to ride your bike.
• Water. This is a must. Drink more water than you would ever think you is possible.
• Food. Find out what you like. Eating during activity is much, much different than eating at the table. Bring a variety of food. I like to bring some gels and some solid food, but I thrive on pre-cooked and chopped bacon. To each their own. Please recognize the symptoms of dehydration and/or “hitting the wall” and act accordingly.
• If possible, ride in a group so that if someone does get hurt, there are enough people to stay with the injured person
while others go for help.


J-No said...

Uncrustables are my new favorite ride food. Pre-packaged, less messy than regular PBJ sandwiches.

Chris Skogen said...

Prosciutto is the answer.

midway cyclist said...

I became a convert to Kent Petersen's advice for chocolate milk. Nestle Quik in the gas station fridge is cold, has calcium (cramp prevention), and no corn syrup.