Friday, January 30, 2009


Just a reminder that tomorrow (January 31st) is the last day to get your registration cards post-marked.

Also, if everyone who is signed up already could look through the list below and make sure that everything is correct that would pretty swell. Let me know if I need to change anything and I'll make sure we get it right. Enjoy the Nazareth.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Riding in Minneapolis?

From the previous post a ride was proposed. I am planning on driving up to Minneapolis early Sunday (February 1st) morning. I would like to ride for a while and then head back to Rochester around noon (I know it is Stupor Bowl on Saturday, but not everybody can get stupor drunk...can they?). I have to work Sunday night so I cannot be gone for ever, but if anybody is interested just let me know. I'm down for whatever.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ride this Sunday?

Leave from Dunn Brothers on Elton Hills (here in Rochester) at 9:00am. Head out for some gravel goodness and return no later than noon. Anybody?

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Racers

The following is the list of postcards that I have received as of this morning. If you sent one and do not see your name here, let me know and we'll figure it out.

Ahrens, Sam - Open
Anderson, Randy - Single
Baggio, Mike - Open
Bekke, Tim - Single
Berrigan, Corie - Open
Blackford, Rick - Open
Blossom, Joel - Open
Boecker, Sascha - Open
Bond, Greg - Open
Brown-Caldwell, Connie - Open
Brown, Bob - Open
Ryan, Brown - Open
Bruessel, Brent - Open
Budnick, Jake - Fixed
Carlstrom, Zachary - Open
Charlson, Aaron - Fixed
Chinn, Derek - Open
Christianson, Bjorn - Open
Cochran, Jim - Open
Coholic - Fixed
Cunningham, Janna - Open
Dahl, Dale - Open
Death Rider - Open
Dog - Fixed
Dukek, Brian - Open
Eastling, Sean - Open
Emery, Brad - Open
Erdmann, Jonathan - Open
Farrow, Charlie - Open
Francl, Luke - Open
Franke, John - Single
Frane, Jeff - Open
Gehring, Tom - Open
Giesen, Isaac - Single
Goodsell, Grant - Open
Grabowski, Anne - Open
Gregorio - Open
Green, Brandon - Open
Grelk, Dennis - Open
Gunnar - Fixed
Hansen, Dan - Open
Hansen, Scott - Open
Heinzen, Bob "Thor" - Single
Hernandez, Mario - Open
Hicks, Jason - Single
Holland, Shad - Open
Huot, Jacob - Single
Hurl - Open
Jargo, Kevin - Fixed
J-No - Fixed
Kelly, Pat - Single
Kerr, Nate - Open
Kershaw, Jeremy - Single
Kimmel, Dan "Ewe Haul" - Open
Kinderman, Scott - Open
King, Susannah - Open
Koenigsfeld, Norbert - Open
Krolak, John - Open
Kucera, Ryan - Open
Kvittem, Brent - "No class"
Lanners, Jeff - Fixed
Larson, Mara - Open
Lawrence, Troy - Open
Lefler, Ken - Open
Leugers, Eric - Open
Lupfer, Tim - Open
Mairet, Dennis - Single
Martin, Nicholas - Open
Matt (Jeff's Roomate) - Open
Maurer, Matt - Open
Meiser, Joe - Open
Nancekivell, Eric - Open
Nancekivell, Ian - Open
Nelesen, Tim - Open
Nelsen, Mike - Open
Nelson, Sean 'O' - Open
Oswald, Nick - Single
Palmer, Jim - Open
Pamlenyi, Steven - Open
Parsons, Charles - Open
Pascual, Jose - Single
Pickle, G - Open
Pike, John L. - Fixed
Pitts, Justin - Open
Polson, Shawn - Open
Prescher, Chris - Open
Rhodes, Felix - Single
Rients, Jesse - Open
Rittler, Craig - Open
Rockne, Jeff - Fixed
Robb, JJ - Open
Rosenberg, Andrew - Open
Schultz, Curtis - Open
Shoemaker, Darryl - "Less class"
Skoglund, Andy - Open
Skoglund, Erik - Fixed
Squirrel - Open
Stanford, Ian - Open
Stukel, Jason - Open
Sudheimer, Erik - Open
Sundby, Scott - Open
Tetmeyer, Andy - Open
Thoele, Allison - Open
Tummel, Jeremy - Open
VanderWoude, Mark - Open
Versteegh, Rob - Open
Vosberg, Roy - Fixed
Weitekamp, Mike - Open
Wilson, Bradley - Open
Wilson, Drew - Open
Wilson, Kurtis - Open
Wood, Brent - Open
Yoong, Garrick - Open
Yoong, Geoffrey - Open
Yoong, Molly - Open

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Just so nobody freaks out, I wanted to let anyone who has already sent their postcard in that I am receiving them. I have a nice handful already and I will be putting a list on here in the next few days. For those of you that have not sent one yet, PLEASE GET YOUR CARD READY AND SLIDE IT IN THE MAIL. There are some things that I need to purchase once I have a final count and I'd rather not buy more than I have to. At any rate, we're getting there. Thanks again.

Friday, January 9, 2009

So what do you think about this?

I am very generously being given a few things to pass out at the finishers table at the end of this years race. Most of these things (if not all) are going to be given by persons and companies that are based in Minneapolis. Instead of having these things shipped by some third party truck company, I have decided to ride up to Minneapolis and pick these things up myself. Granted I am going to wait until the snow is gone, but I am wondering if there is anyone who might be interested in joining me? I don't think there is going to be anything that is super heavy, but any help would be appreciated.

How would it work?

Well, if you live down here by me, in the Rochester area, it's easy. We ride up together, pick up the stuff, find some place to crash over night and ride back in the morning.

If you live up near Minneapolis, I ride up there, pick up the stuff, find some place to crash and then we ride back in the morning. When we get back to Rochester, you can crash at my place and then ride back in the morning.

Either way, I guess it is just something to think about. Consider it a training ride. Let me know.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Let's do this.

Registration is officially open. Get your postcards ready and send them.