Sunday, November 22, 2009

Crossing Guard

I was supposed to be in Des Moines today riding my bicycle and buying food for this, but I ended up staying here in Rochester and charting out the course for the second micro cross next weekend. While it wasn't exactly the same riding here compared to Iowa, I did have a good time and got a lot done.

The way it stands right now there will be equal sections of double and single track as well as equal portions of paved bike trail and secluded public road (a service drive for a city park). There are two short sand sections, a decent grassy connection, two (most likely three) hurdles and a run-up.

The whole course measures about 3/4 of a mile so it should go by quick, but that doesn't mean it will be easy. The pre-ride will start at 10:30am with the 45 minute race window to begin sharply at 11:00am.

Please remember that this is all in good fun and that you will be held responsible for yourself.

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pedalgrl said...

Sorry Renegade, I cannot make this one. A last minute work opp has trumped my bike riding chances. DRAT. Will you be doing another before/after the snow flies?