Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Gentlemen's Ride Info (again)

About the Gentlemen's Ride:

There is going to be a party at my house on Friday night the 18th of September. (That's next Friday night for those of you that do not keep up with the regular calendars.) This party will feature a photograph installation inspired by the Almanzo 100 and everything that has come since its inception. Doors open at 7pm and close at 10pm. (See, we gotta ride 100 miles in the morning so we probably ain't staying up super late.) BYOB&B (Bikes and Beer)

On Saturday morning we are going to ride the very same Almanzo route as was done in May. The major difference is that we will be leaving from my house instead of the bike shop. I will ride us all out to the gravel and the mileage should be pretty close to that if we had left from the shop. We will leave sharply at 8am. I would suggest meeting at the house around 6:30 or 7:00 as I will be making waffles and coffee. There will not be any formal announcements as this is just a casual group ride. Fear not, I will have all the pertinent information ready for you the morning of (or the night before if I see you at the house).

I guess that's that. If you have questions let me know.

Also, there is a gentleman in Minneapolis who is looking for a ride down here for this business. I know him and I will stand up for him if anyone has room. He can be found over here.


Anonymous said...

Dude,,, yes i said Dude! I can't wait till next weekend to ride with all you good people. I turn 53 on that day & will be bringing a couple of growlers from flat earth brewery & at least 1 fixed bike. Looking foward to boring you all with my lack of personality?? Can't think of any place i would rather be on a sept sat.

kevin said...

Chris, I don't know if I formally signed up for your shin dig next weekend, but I will be coming down to ride with 2 friends in tow. If there is room in the yard, I would love a camping space. Let me know your thoughts.

Kevin Jargo

Chris Skogen said...

Kevin, no worries. Plenty of room.