Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Gentlemen.

Al: The downhill killer.
Alex: Pugsley #1, nuts!
Drew: King of the Mountains.
Felix: Flat tire anybody?
Greg: Silent member of the QBP/Surly club.
Jeff: Pugsley #2. Mustache #1
Jim: Just in time to make the day. Thanks mi amigo.
John: 8 speed or 9?
Kevin: Budweiser waster.
Kurt: Cameraman #1/Chi-town posse #1
Lee: Chi-town posse member #2
Mike: Chi-town posse #3/Endurance Animal
Matt: South Lyndale member of the QBP/Surly club.
Ryan: Pugsley #3/Sole owner of the quality muttons.
Steve: The Mad Hungarian
Tim: Pugsley #4/26.7!
Woodrow: Gravel tester.

Thanks again fellas. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful summer. I'll link to the photos as they come to me.


pedalgrl said...

I can't tell you how uber-bummed I am to have missed your adventure. The Bubonic Plague is still gripping my every move.

Thrilled to hear you had a great day. I thought about you guys all Saturday as I lie in bed, sun shining and birds doing their thing.

No less than 50 times, I looked at the Volpe resting in the coat room and willed myself strength enough to pedal through Masonic Park to surprise you in Spring Valley. There would be cheers and belly bumps and smiles.

Well, that didn't work. Next ride is when? I'll be needing some miles when the medication wears off and the cerebral swelling goes down.

PEACE fellas.

Kurt said...

Wooop-Wooop! Awesome ride! Thanks so much. I'm still beaming about it.

E4TW said...

"Woodrow: Gravel tester."

Well played.

Thanks for hosting this profoundly painful yet fulfilling ride. I shall return to do battle next Spring.


Anonymous said...

If you cant coast uphill why would you want to coast going downhill. The route & the company was most excellent. the day perfect.the b-day song thank that man! al.

jp said...

Hiya Chris, nice job tonite, we blew out some cobwebs for sure! JP