Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It never ends.

So the big European race is over and the crap just continues to get thrown around. Here is a decent article outlining the high, sorry, low points. Either way it's interesting and I'm certain we can look toward a Contador/Schleck/Schleck Saxo Bank team for 2010....


Gunnar said...

I don't know, he's supposedly also talking to Garmin and Caisse d'Epargne.

There's also this article which was hard to read (even after translating it in google) that seems to explain a lot from Contadors perspective. http://www.diariosur.es/20090727/deportes/ciclismo/fiesta-privada-contador-20090727.html Having the whole team leave you to find your own way to the start of the final time trial, because Armstrong needed someone to pick up his family.

And Armstrong seems to forget that, when he was young, he was criticized for being a brash, do whatever he wants to do, attack whenever he wants to rider not worried about the traditions of the race.

Personally I thought the team drama added excitement to this years tour. In the end I'm happy Contador won.

Chris Skogen said...

Here is a link to the translated article. It's choppy, but with some focus you can get the bulk of it. Makes me long for the 2010 episodes. Great for cycling.

Steve Fuller said...

I don't expect to see Contador and either of the Schleck's on the same team next year. The Schlecks are a package deal, and Andy is capable of winning one or more grand tours. It would be the same clash of supremacy that Contador had to deal with this year on Astana.

Caisse d'Epargne makes more sense to me. Garmin would require quite bit of shake up as well. Not sure that Wiggo and Vandevelde would look kindly on that move either.

As long as Hincapie comes back next year and the Columbia/HTC train can deliver Cavendish to the line like they did this year, I'll be happy.