Saturday, June 6, 2009


So there are a few things melting here on the Almanzo fire. For starters I am going to give the mountain bike thing a go tonight at Lebanon Hills. This could get very interesting. Quickly.

Second, I am still sorting out the details for the Gentlemen's Ride this fall, but I might suggest that everybody starts thinking about assembling a team. The deal is, everybody is going to need three others to pull them up the hills for this one, so I hope there are a few bridges left standing amidst the ones you've all torched along the way. Also, there is going to be a party the night before (Sept. 18th) at a bar here in Rochester where we hope to be screening a portion of the film that we have been working on. We will also have a couple of other gravel road related projects available for your viewing pleasure.

Third, I have heard news from the Duluth faction of the Crazy Endurance Racers Brotherhood that this guy and this guy are brewing up some sort of North Shore ridiculousness. I'll keep my ears to the tracks and let you know as more becomes available.

Also, I made a page on Facebook for anybody that is interested. You can find it here.


Charlie Farrow said...

Hey Chris...Check out my LIST...Your ship has finally come in!!!!

Jkershaw said...

Thanks, Chris! We will keep you posted as the dust settles. Jer