Thursday, May 14, 2009

What to expect.

Saturday morning will be here soon. Here are a couple of things that you can expect from me.

1. I will be at my house starting at 4pm on Friday evening. I will be there cooking on the grill and helping people get there tents organized in the yard.

2. I will be taking a spin around the city around 6pm on Friday. This ride will most likely include a trip out to the first section of the course.

3. I will be starting a small contained fire in my backyard around 8pm on Friday. This will most likely be a short gathering around the flames to bring the night to an early close.

4. I will be making pancakes in my driveway starting around 5:15am on Saturday. If it is raining we will play it by ear. This will not be gourmet, but it ought to be fun. I will have Peace Coffee available as well.

5. I will certainly trade you your race packet for your signed release form at any point during the aforementioned activities. This will definitely speed up the registration process and relieve a great deal of congestion at the Start/Finish on Saturday morning. However, I cannot grant any time bonuses for those that register early. Sorry.

6. I have decided to ride the group out of town. What this means is that we will all leave the Start/Finish together. We will ride through the city's center and out to where the gravel starts as a group. Once we hit the gravel I will drop back and try my best to personally wish you all a good ride. At this point the race will be officially under way. With 114 riders I feel that this is the safest way to get everyone out of town quickly and efficiently without the potential for red light running and the like.

That's the list of things you can expect from me. If you have questions, please let me know and I will try my best to get them answered quickly and accurately.



Buckshot77 said...

Chris, if I haven't said it before, you totally kick ass for putting this thing together. This is a race I'd gladly pay to take part in and you don't charge a dime. I can't wait to get up there tomorrow and enjoy the biking and friends thoroughly!

Steve Fuller said...

Chris, I'm looking forward to this as well. Reports from Buckshot and Squirrel were overwhelmingly positive so that says a lot to me.

GREAT call on getting people out of town in a group. This is what DK did last year (albeit with a police escort) and it worked out well. A little parade is good for marketing the event as well.

pedalgrl said...


Civic Center Intersection Web Cam - Watch here at 8am on Saturday, May 16th and wait to see the 100+ bicyclists turn East on Civic Center Drive as we head out on the 1st leg of our 100 mile journey.

Chris - I have the Editorial Department duly notified of the race and have sent emls to whomever I thought might cover it for us.

Sports Dept is over-booked and under-staffed, but the City Desk and/or Web Content editors might give us some time. I have done what I can.

Additionally, I am looking into getting the web feed taped at the above intersection.


Gregorio said...

Singlespeed 29er.


Is this gear too light?
Gregorio Ramirez

Brian said...


On a still day, a gearing of near 2:1 would be on the light side as this is a relatively flat course. However, weather reports suggest this isn't going to be a still day.

Winds are supposed to be from the NW at 15-20 MPH sustained with 35-40 mph gusts. The course goes clockwise, so you will be dealing with a head/cross for the last 50 miles. What gear do you want to push for 50 miles (after spinning out for 50 miles) into a 15-20 mph wind?

Steven said...

The wind will keep the bugs away ;)