Monday, April 20, 2009

The Rok.

A big thanks to the guys in Red Wing for organizing and hosting this years Ragnarok 105. It was beautiful. The weather was light years ahead of last years event and that equaled a much happier group of crazy cyclists. The start was smooth, but not without incident, a big congrats to the guy that was scheduled to be married sometime after he rode the first half. That would never fly in my house.

The lead out was nice, the first hill was not. My legs were tight and achy going into Lerbach road, but they seemed to loosen up near the first summit. Once on top of the first climb the game began. I fell of the lead pack and rode much of the first leg alone. I held a nice gap between myself and the one or two behind me and then I missed the turn at Orson Wells road. I kept riding though, trying to convince myself that I could see other "tracks" in the road. I ended up coming to my senses and turning around, only to have to backtrack my way to the right course.

From the missed turn to Zumbro Falls it was pretty much clear sailing for me. I ran into some others and shared some of the ride, but was pretty much alone (as I stated earlier) for the remainder of the first leg.

The checkpoint in Zumbro Falls greeted me with second half tulips and my beautiful smiling children. I refilled my bottles, hugged and kissed my kids and met up with Ian to hit the second half.

The river road from Zumbro Falls to Millville and beyond was pleasant. We saw a number of rather attractive metal clad buildings, a giant hawk and that rust filled pseudo junk yard that made itself a home to a variety of bicycles from days gone by.

ALl in all, the hills hurt and the minimum maintenance roads were the BEST, especially the second one (rocks the size of racquet balls?). My Casserole actually left the ground on the backside of that one. I saw somebody that had flatted out and wondered how my Vittorias managed to make it through punctureless. I thought for sure I would break a spoke, but nothing.

Bush, Park and 7th Streets all came as a wonderful surprise when I finally pulled the 5th page of the tulips out of my Banjo Brothers map holder. Fighting cramps in both feet and twitches in my legs, I put it on the big ring and hustled through town to the finish line at Colville Park.

Good times, without question.

*photo courtesy of Chris Delisle

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