Monday, April 27, 2009

A Course Preview.

I drove the entire course today and the roads look pretty good. There were some soft spots from the last two days of rain, but I think if it is dry everything should be pretty fast.

Most of the roads have been grated and some sections have new rock down. I cannot foresee the counties gravel laying plans, but it wouldn't surprise me to see some more "squishy" sections in the next two and one half weeks. That said, even the new rock sections seemed to have some decent lines through them that should improve with local traffic between now and race day.

I saw about 15 dogs along the route with only a couple coming out to the road, most of them seemed content to lie by the house and watch the world go by. I also saw an incredible number of turkey vultures so you'd better hope you don't crash and get stuck. There were also some crazy chickens along the course that seemed to be roaming free.

All in all this years version should be rather interesting. The route is similar to last years with the majority of the changes lying between Chatfield and the halfway point in Spring Valley. A large section of last years course was paved over so the course has taken an new direction which includes a trip past a circle barn, a geodesic domed house and over a 95 year old iron bridge. Oh, and there are a couple new hills.

I took some pictures from "tire" level to give you an idea of what the roads should look like. I hope you enjoy them.


pedalgrl said...

great shots

Carl said...

the bridge looks an awful lot like one I know just west of Fillmore...but there are probably many like it:)

Chris Skogen said...

Carl, you know your geography rather well my friend.