Thursday, March 26, 2009

So, I need to ask a favor.

My 8 year old daughter is coming to visit from Rhode Island. She'll be here for 3 days starting Easter Sunday (April 12th) and I need a bicycle for her. I was thinking that I could build her up something to roll on 700c's, but I am afraid she won't like it (read: not cool enough). Either way I need something.

If anybody has an old frame and some of the bits to go with it, I could use it/them for a bit.

If anyone has an old youth sized bike (preferably girly), I could use it for a bit.

Anything will be helpful. I realize it is short notice, but I'll come get it and bring it back. I'll be happy to make a donation to your cause if you can help a brother out. Let me know. I'd go out an buy one, but money is fairly tight around the 'ol Almanzo house.

Thanks in advance,


Banjo Brother MV said...

I have a 20" Girl's Schwinn you could have for the low, low price of free. Is that too small?

Banjo Brother MV said...

Contact me via mvander [at] banjobrothers [dot] com id interested.

Jim Thill said...

I have a vintage kid-bike collection. The one that comes to mind is a Raleigh 3sp in kid size (~15-16" seat tube) with 24" wheels. It's a kinda powder blue color that your daughter may like. You're welcome to borrow it as long as you return it before my 4yo is big enough to ride it.

pedalgrl said...

I have an older Caliente. It's pink!

Anonymous said...

I have a purple 6 speed my 11 yr old just outgrew. It's kinda mountain bikish. Building her a new one out of spare parts this spring. Will be a yr or two before my boy's big enough to ride it. You could borrow it if you like.

-Chris Prescher