Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Pre-race Ride.

For those that are interested, I am going to take a full-route ride along this years Almanzo course (which happens to be the same as last year, but we've already discussed that). We will be leaving from my house around 9am on Sunday the 5th of April. We will stop in St. Charles, Chatfield and Spring Valley. This is not a race-pace ride. The purpose of this trip is to accomplish a couple of things.

1. Get my legs ready for the year.
2. Get anybody who lives along the route and might care excited for this years race.
3. Continue filming the route, it's inhabitants, it's riders and the interactions that all three with have each other.
4. Have a good time.

1 comment:

bloodline said...

fine, i try not to plan that far ahead we'll talk at slick fidy(88)