Saturday, February 28, 2009


Well, that was entertaining. I went out with Jim P. this morning and rode the wind down to St. Charles on the Almanzo gravel route. It was cold. Real cold. 4 degrees when we left and 50 below when we came back. There were pretty clean lines for the entire 25 mile trip down (with the exception of a small section that had been forgotten by those that plow) and the traffic was pretty much nothing (four cars all day). There was a flock of wild turkeys, not to be confused with a case of whiskey, and a bald eagle on the way into St. Charles. The landscape was epic and the sky was crystal clear. My legs felt pretty good on the way down, but my lack of sleep last night (3.5 hours) and a nagging soar throat made climbing short hills and spinning into the wind on the way back a nightmare. I peeled off from Jim at Hwy 7 on the way back and holed up in the Eyota Kwik Trip to wait for the cavalry.

All in all it was a pretty good day and should be just what I need for next weekends Cirrem down near Des Moines. Some photos below for those that care.

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jp said...

Nice nose bugger picture! That'll scar some poor kid; and it will scare off potential winter riders! Really tho, it was a beautiful day. JP