Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jerseys, t-shirts and more stuff....oh my.

So, I am contemplating having some limited edition 2009 Almanzo 100 jerseys and t-shirts made. The trouble is that to have this done requires a pretty significant amount of money and without knowing whether or not people would be interested in buying these things, I am not sure if I want to spend that much. are the questions:

1.Is anyone even interested in seeing the potential design for said items?
2.If there are interested parties, would you be willing to pay for said items, should you happen to like them?
3.Am I crazy?


kevin said...

Bring on the jerseys!

Buckshot77 said...

Dude, you mean shirts aren't included with the registration fee? Wait... oh nevermind! While I'd love to buy a shirt, money's tight and I really don't need any extra T's as my stockpile is all ready overflowing.