Friday, January 9, 2009

So what do you think about this?

I am very generously being given a few things to pass out at the finishers table at the end of this years race. Most of these things (if not all) are going to be given by persons and companies that are based in Minneapolis. Instead of having these things shipped by some third party truck company, I have decided to ride up to Minneapolis and pick these things up myself. Granted I am going to wait until the snow is gone, but I am wondering if there is anyone who might be interested in joining me? I don't think there is going to be anything that is super heavy, but any help would be appreciated.

How would it work?

Well, if you live down here by me, in the Rochester area, it's easy. We ride up together, pick up the stuff, find some place to crash over night and ride back in the morning.

If you live up near Minneapolis, I ride up there, pick up the stuff, find some place to crash and then we ride back in the morning. When we get back to Rochester, you can crash at my place and then ride back in the morning.

Either way, I guess it is just something to think about. Consider it a training ride. Let me know.


J Meiser said...


Contact me at josephmeiser(at)gmail(dot)com...This sounds like a fine plan and a good time. You are welcome to crash at casa del meiser.
Today...I must send a postcard.

Brent Bruessel said...

you have good ideas-would like to join you-let me know-brent