Thursday, November 6, 2008

More about the 50 miler...

Here are the specifics:

I am going to go to the Dunn Bros. coffee house on Elton Hills Drive around 7:15 on the morning of Sunday the 16th. I plan to enjoy a cup of coffee and a muffin before the ride. Anyone who might care to join me for the early food and beverage is more than welcome.

As a group we are going to be leaving Dunn Bros. on Elton Hills at 8:00am. If you are not there to leave with us as a group you are more than welcome to join along the way.

The course is going to be about 52 from start to finish. Since this is not a race I will not allow anyone to be dropped from the pack without that persons approval. Don't worry about falling back, the faster riders in the group will wait to make every turn so that no one gets lost between here and St. Charles. The half way point will be an opportunity for everyone to stop and get something to eat or drink should they so choose. The following is a map for anyone who might be interested in the route for this ride.

View Interactive Map on

Please keep in mind that this is just a ride. Nothing more than an opportunity for people to get out on their bikes and ride some gravel. I am not your supervisor nor do I intend to be your babysitter. Know your limits, it's going to be cold. Also, if you plan to come along, please let me know for sure so I am not waiting around at Dunn Bros. for nothing.


c.j. said...

Thank you for the map. Good stuff. Since I am new to this "no drop" thingy, I'd say you can absolutely drop me if I lag. I'd feel bad having anyone waiting on me. Looking forward to the 16th. I scored a SURLY for the day. I'm stoked!

gbond said...

Out of town this weekend or else I'd be there.