Monday, May 12, 2008

A quick course update

I took my kids out this morning for a little mid-morning re-con and this is what we found:

1. The roads look pretty good. The 25 mile section that we drove had at least one good line for almost every mile. There were some soft spots as well as some thick gravel, but all-in-all it looks pretty good.

2. It appeared as though some of the roads had been prepared for new rock, but I cannot be sure because there has also been a lot of farm activity(i.e. tractors coming and going) in the fields that surround the course.

3. Gravel roads make my kids sleepy.

There will be a more thorough update on Friday afternoon.


commuter13 said...

I sent a message to your your e-mail about not being able to make the race due to a torn ACL. Hope you got it.
Ben Doom

Chris Skogen said...

I got the message. Thanks for the heads up and good luck with your injury.