Thursday, April 17, 2008

The course so far

So I "drove" the course yesterday morning and it looks great. The roads were pretty well in tact from this seasons thaw, no big cracks or big holes. There were plenty of rolling hills, some nice flats that should be headed directly into the wind and some weird concrete Masonic shelter in the middle of absolutely nowhere. This years course is going to roll right past a bike shop in St. Charles, within yards of food and liquor in Chatfield and practically through the parking lot of a convenience store in Spring Valley. Traffic was non-existent, dogs didn't prove to be a challenge for the trusty Subaru and there was only one residence that gave me the Deliverance creeps. All in all it looks good, from the drivers seat anyway, but I will be riding the whole thing in a couple of weeks to give an official rider report. Until then....

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Squirrel said...

I skipped our gravel hundy this weekend due to it looked like fucking mud soup. Stoked to ride with the Minnesota mates again! Riding shape is ok, drinking shape seems to be spot on....I've been training in zone 4 alot lately:)