Wednesday, April 9, 2008

69 Riders

This is the final list of riders. If you are not on this list, you are not riding in the Almanzo 100. This is final. If you are not going to make it, please let me know in advance.

Single Speed:
1.Mark Emery
2.JJ Robb
3.Nick Oswald
4.Isaac Giesen
5.Eric Leugers
6.Brent Bruessel
7.Adam Scholtes
8.Dennis Mairet
10.Randy Anderson
11.Jason Hicks
12.Jose Pascual
13.Kid Riemer

Fixed Gear:
3.John Fleck
4.Kevin Jargo
5.John Krolak
6.Kevin Clay
7.Brian Dukek
8.Ruby 2-Shoes
10.Tim Bekke
12.Robert T. Green
13.Roy Vosberg

Open Women:
1.Susannah King
2.Molly Cochran
3.Emily Kaster

Open Men:
1.Andrew Rosenberg
2.Dan Hansen
3.David Pramann
4.Mark Kowaliw
5.Death Rider
6.Chris Prescher
7.Chad Parrish
8.J Pitts
9.Bryan Cochran
10.Andy Lambert
12.Joseph Meiser
13.Jack Handy
15.Brad Wilson
16.David Lee
17.Eric Nancekivell
18.Dale Dahl
19.Brad Schwab
20.Erik Sudheimer
21.Brent Wood
22.Joshua Lavelle
23.Andy Tetmeyer
24.Tim Norrie
25.Terry Brannick
26.Ben Doom
28.David Hanks
29.Jesse Rients
30.Rick Blackford
31.Ian Nancekivell
32.James McGuire
33.Garrick Yoong
34.Jim Reed
35.Alex Anderson
36.Chad DeBaker
37.Michael Fox
38.Bjorn Christianson
39.Charlie Farrow

*I have put a fair amount of my own time and money into keeping this event free. If you enjoy not paying an entrance fee, please be respectful to the places this event will take you and remember; IF YOU ARE GOING TO DROP YOUR ENTRANCE, PLEASE LET ME KNOW IN ADVANCE. This will help keep this event free for years to come.


Squirrel said...

Thanks for letting me little ass in. See you mother fucka's in May!!


TOMMY GUN said...

I take umbrage of the notion that Andrew Rosenberg is "Man-geared"...

Chris Skogen said...

What are the real benefits of being "man-geared"?

andrew said...

man-geared is nicer than being fixed, mr. nueter gun

Anonymous said...

I sent my post card in last week (Wednesday?) and I am not in the list. Did you not receive it?

Brian Dukek
Fixed Gear

Chris Skogen said...

I did not receive it. I'll put you on the list, but please send another one so I a record of your registration. When race day gets a bit closer I will confirm that the postcards match the rider list. Unfortunately, I can't have one without the other.

Anonymous said...

Will do.


Buckshot77 said...

Finally sending my postcard in today. Sorry I couldn't find a cool beer one for you, but a little shameless self promotion never hurt either!


Anonymous said...

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