Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Current Rider List (as of 5/18)

Nathan Hall - open
David Hall - open
Tom Adams - open
Bjorn Christianson - open (maybe fixed)
Mark Butcher - single/fixed
John Franke - single/fixed
Tim Nelesen - single/fixed
John Dotseth - open
John Krolak - single/fixed
Steve Hauser - open
Bob Mueller - open
Jaqueb Huot - single/fixed
Isaac Giesen - single/fixed
Chris Larson - single/fixed
Hurl Everstone - single/fixed
Pouya Eimen - single/fixed
Adam Scholtes - single/fixed
Brian Koeneman - open
Rick Foreman - open

There will only be two classes; open and fixed/single. There are SWEET trophies for the top two finishers in each category and some t-shirts for those who follow close behind. Questions, let me know.


Anonymous said...

This looks pretty cool. If I'm not racing that day I might do it.
Is there anyone that could offer me a ride from Mankato to the start the morning of the race? Or where could I post that question?

mayor said...

I have heard from somebody in Mankato with a similar problem and I told them to check with Charlie at University Cycles to see if he knew of anybody else who was coming over.